The Legally Blonde Box


*an $81 value

We did it. We put together the ultimate Legally Blonde box. What? like it's hard? Our set has everything you need to keep it pink and perky - from our Bend & Snap dad cap, to mugs and notebooks and pencils with our favorite quotes, to a pin collection that will seriously elevate your style. And did we mention that the whole thing is customizable and comes in a sleek box with millennial pink lining? So giftable. This one is a must for any serious Elle Woods fan - or anyone who knows that orange will NEVER be the new pink. Made exclusively for MGM's Legally Blonde.

What's Inside: 

  • 1 Pink Ceramic Diner-Style Mug (10oz)
    • Choose between "Bend & Snap" or "What? Like It's Hard?"
  • 1 Pink Spiral Notebook with gold foil lettering (7" x 9")
    • Choose between "Bend & Snap" or "What? Like It's Hard?"
  • 1 Exclusive Legally Blonde, gold-plated, brass Pin
    • Choose between Bruiser, "Bend & Snap" or "I Object!"
  • 1 Pencil set of 5 Legally Blonde engraved quotes
    • "Bend & Snap"
    • "Endorphins Make You Happy"
    • "Gemini Vegetarians"
    • "I Object!"
    • "What? Like It's Hard?"
  • 1 Light Pink "Bend & Snap" embroidered Dad Hat